Studio Artist Project - My Treats and Terrors by Taymah Anderson

Metroland Cultures is pleased to present a new exhibition to mark the artist Taymah Anderson’s second solo show, entitled My Treats and Terrors, which will explore how the artist defines reality through recording in an annotated drawn style to cope with challenging mental health.

"At a moment when our society is being encouraged to talk about mental health, Taymah is offering some of the responses to the continuing debates about black men with mental health in our communities and society."

Through his life experiences, the artwork is a case study of willpower; an insight into what it is to be knocked down and slowly return to the same position one has left. Expressing how a young adult uses art to cope and excel despite an anchoring mental health condition, of which his art is a reflection and an escape. The work is also a response to his journey to and from institutions that have repaired and constructed him: the dynamics of mental health care.

Taymah’s collections of illustrations emphasise common themes such as the joy of life, kinship and relationships: his treats, the positive charge. And social and political power, the evolving acceptance of mental differences, the inevitability of mortality: his terrors the negative charge.

The Private Viewing will take place on Friday 27 May from 6pm - 10pm. The exhibition will then continue to showcase from Saturday 28 - Sunday 29 May, from 11am - 6pm.

About the artist: Taymah Anderson was born in 1993 in Paddington, London and was raised in the city's northwest. His art is a form of process in understanding the world around him. This process had begun from a young age and continues to the present day. He seeks to learn from various practices of communication, ranging from advertising, graphic design and the minutia of the contemporary art world. Taking a designer's method to problem-solving and applying this to a Fine Art practice, often holding an autobiographical approach. Taymah studied Graphic Design at the prolific institution UAL, Central Saint Martin’s College of Art & Design. Taymah is currently a resident studio artist at Metroland Studios, Kilburn.