Sounding the collective

Amanda Camenisch and Therese Westin, Making the Room Sing (2022), production still. Commissioned as part of the Brent Biennial 2022, In the House of my Love.

A workshop organised as part of 'Making the Room Sign'

Making The Room Sing is an exhibition by artists Amanda Camenisch and Therese Westin developed in collaboration with a group of women from the Asian Women’s Resource Centre (AWRC) as part of the Brent Biennial 2022, In the House of my Love. The commission sought to honour the safe space that AWRC has created over their forty year history by providing support, safety and hospitality for women in Brent and beyond. You can find out more here.

This workshop is an invitation to partake in the co-creation of a sound score, conceived as an offering for the women at AWRC's shelter. Four elemental harps as well as our individual instruments of voice will be the tools for improvising and sounding out the space together. The methodology employed for this collective creation will utilise the same principles that led to the work that is presented as part of Making the Room Sing.

Sounding the collective is free and open to all. No prior experience or skills are required. There is limited availability of 10 spots, and booking is required.