Studio Artists Projects - Betty Leung

© Betty Leung

Our three Metroland Studio artists in residence will showcase aspects of their practice throughout the autumn months.

Betty Leung will use the gallery space at Metroland Studio to host a workshop and create a pop-up exhibition with Kilburn Grange Primary school children.

Through sculpture, installation, photography and video, her practice looks at the relationship between technology, labour and migration.

Her main body of work, the Interpreter Series is comprised of images generated using a style-transfer artificial intelligence (AI) tool; the AI tool works by combining two existing images to generate a third hybrid image. The artist uses the algorithm to explore themes of representation, abstraction, the tension between control and chance and influence and bias. The images are digitally printed onto fabric and transformed into sculptures. Twisting and tactile, with endless permutations, each piece embodies fragments of the artist’s identity, including the migration experience.

The “Interpreter” title references both the experience of migrant children who are often their parents’ interpreters’, and the left-brain interpreter, a neuropsychological concept which relates to the story of the self.