Commedia Dell’Brent is a drama participatory project using the Italian comical artform of Commedia dell’Arte, supported by Brent 2020 Culture Fund.

Participants will explore and learn this style such as the stalk characters physicality and traits, mask acting and lazzi etc. They will then create a show portraying characters and stories related to the life in the borough of Brent, whilst satirising stereotypical visions young people hold of old people and vice versa through humour.

If Commedia dell’Arte made fun of the Italian types of the sixteenth century (the merchants, servants and young aristocrats in love), who could we make fun of in a contemporary set up located in Brent?

This is an 11-week intergenerational project open to young people 16 - 25 year olds and elders 60+. There will be one weekly meeting, followed by a more intensive rehearsal period leading to a performances at the College of North West London (indoors show). The finale will be a group performance - check back here for more info.