Episode 8: Bilal Harry Khan

This week, Blueprint Collective Member Kamiah Chae speaks to life-long youth worker and Cambridge graduate Bilal Harry Khan - a leading voice on issues of race, masculinities and social justice.

"I didn’t want to go. That was not my plan. My real plan was I wanted to be a bus driver like my dad. That was my actual plan."

With over 16k followers on Twitter and co-host of an award-winning podcast “Over The Bridge”, Neasden-born Bilal discusses the culture shock of going to Cambridge University, his career influences, what it was like growing up in Brent in the 90s and how lockdown has given him perspective.

"[Growing up in Brent ] you’re exposed to more traditions, cultures and celebrations. Which only makes you more appreciative of culture as you grow up."

"Change is measured by hearts and mind in this work. So if one person goes ‘I now see something I didn’t see before. I’m now aware of privilege, racism, whereas I wasn’t before’ that means I’ve done a good job."

Watch the full video here.