Episode 5: Marilyn Okoro

From sneaking out for runs to representing GB at the 2008 Olympics- Marilyn Okoro discusses with Savannah growing up in Stonebridge, coping as an athlete in lockdown and being a positive black female role model.

"Stonebridge, those are the streets that made me who I am and I’m always proud."

Marilyn was forced to wait 10 years to officially become a 2008 Olympic medallist, but focusing on her goals and not letting people dictate who she was and what she could do made her even more determined to continue with her track career.

"Prior to this I was all gung ho for my comeback season to athletics, I’ve had a few seasons of start stops and getting injuries or financial difficulties. I was trying to come out with a bang and then they said Tokyo was cancelled!"

"It doesn’t matter where you come from or what you go through or how much money you have. It’s what you’re going to do with your talent and how you’re going to achieve your goal."

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