Episode 2: Nikesh Shukla

International award winning author, columnist and podcast content creator Nikesh Shukla is interviewed by Brent’s Moeed Majeed.

Born in North Wembley, Brent, Nikesh has written numerous novels for adults and teenagers. His debut novel 'Coconut Limited' was set in Brent. Listen to Nikesh’s story of growing up in Brent, feeling ok to be an Almost Kid and his journey being published as a person of colour.

“It took me a long time to know myself and that’s what I get from writing. It’s an opportunity to look within, to reflect and interrogate yourself, as well as the world. [...] It’s only when I started writing, and exploring who I was, that I started to ‘come out my shell’."

"Every time I go back to Brent […] I look at it and I see things I didn’t appreciate. That’s why it’s home because it’s where I’m from."

Watch the full film here.