Screenshot of Staples Corner Roundabout from Google Earth.

Adam Farah will be streaming a live walk through the city they were born in and the borough they were raised in – London, Brent. During the event they might ask questions of the audience about desires, methodologies, memories, searching and desperation.

The event is a practice and test in momentational ode-ing. A form of working and witnessing inspired by Mariah Carey’s theorisations around ‘the moment’ as a poetic disidentification with time (Carey, M. 2011).


Adam Farah is an artist and composer born-n-raised in London and is a Capricorn Sun, Cancer Rising, Leo Moon. They also practise under and within the name free.yard – an ongoing situational and unstable project set up to engage with and merge curatorial, research, artistic and equitable communal practices; with a focus on the ever-expansive and nuanced creative endeavours and potentials that emerge from endz. free.yard casts a side-eye onto the oppressive and supremacist structures upheld within the complacent and performative liberal bubbles of the artworld/s, and in the long term desires to create collaborative moments for artists to connect, manifest and exhale under such weight.

Still of Staples Corner underpass from Patrick Keiller’s ‘London’ (1994).