A pre-recorded in conversation with artist Yasmin Nicholas and filmmaker and writer Judah Attille.

Recorded November 2020 this video presentation gives background and context to the work of Brent Biennial artist Yasmin Nicholas and expands on practices and approaches the two filmmakers share. Incorporating film, poetry readings and conversation this video is a thoughtful and in-depth expansion to the breath of practice Yasmin Nicholas has to share.

Judah Attille is an independent writer and filmmaker with a commitment to storytelling. In 2018, Attille was awarded a TECHNE, Arts & Humanities Research Council scholarship and is a currently a PhD research candidate at University of the Arts London.

Yasmin Nicholas grew up and lives in North West London. She is third generation Caribbean (Dominican and St Lucian descent).

Nicholas’ work consists of a mixed media including poetry, photography, film and sowing, accounts of daily life, drawing attention to particular experiences, identity, race and diaspora and Caribbean culture. She also uses the presence of her ancestors within her film work. This imagery comes with a fantasy type spectre who represents an ancestor in a traditional ‘Wob’, a dress dating back to the 18th Century due to French and English colonies. In addition to the influence of linguistic identities, Nicholas’ work includes as well a play on language including the fusion of the ‘dominance’ of English and the ‘domestic’ of Kwéyòl, which is spoken in various Caribbean countries including Dominica and St Lucia. Also using the image of ‘Breadfruit’, a fruit used as a Caribbean delicacy as a metaphor, which focuses on the condition of language.

Presentation credits:

Dedicated to: Mathew and Verina Nicholas, Wob Dwiyets from Barbara Jules and the family of Wilma Andrews.

Many thanks to: Brent Museum and Archives, Judah Attille Thierry Bal, Lassal Gayle (Kweinam Gorecery), Lyn Edwards (Reine Noire), Joeoniha of Africa West Print Unit 10 Kilburn Market, Karl Lorainey, Ngoyi Nkhoma, Nassra Khan.

Sequence to a Dream (2018): Monique Moise-Campbell, Robyn Hemans, Shade Agoro, Chante Hemans, Teresa Lawrence and Kemi Fontaine.

Bwapen (2015): Cylvans Fauvette, Brian Atkins, Mathew Nicholas, Laura Nicholas and Margaret Nicholas.

(Extract) Dreaming Rivers (1988): Written and directed by Martina Attille for Sankofa Video. Courtesy of the artist.