Sampled Space Global City Soundscape, 2014. Image courtesy of the artist.

Culture Move (Sampled History) is an exhibition by London-based artist Jaykoe.

Spanning art, music and performance, Culture Move traces the diverse cultural heritage of Brent. The show explores the history of sampled music in the borough since the advent of Hip-Hop in the 1980s – celebrating a cultural movement initiated and led by young people as a positive creative outlet that continues to resonate across the generations.

The exhibition documents the recording artists, studios, pirate radio stations and urban spaces associated with the history of hip-hop and sampled music with a view to create new work that shines a light on the unique history of the area. Historical images and objects from the Brent Museum and Archives will also be used, visually sampling and rearranging these elements to form new compositions informed by music production techniques. Jaykoe’s personal experience of participating as a DJ on pirate radio stations in Brent (such as Image FM and Blaze) has had a great influence on his work as an artist.

Collaboration is key to the project and Jaykoe will engage with the local community, inviting participants to bring personal objects and images, particularly those relevant to their culture and life in Brent, to be sampled in artwork for the exhibition. He will also work with drummers and percussionists from different cultural backgrounds within Brent to create the video installation Drums and Base.


Jaykoe is an artist and curator born in London, of Irish heritage. He set up a permanent studio in London in 2017 and has co-founded two curatorial projects, Switch and the Peckham International Art Fair (PIAF). His work has been exhibited in the UK and internationally including Rome Art Week (2018); ‘Filtered’ Lubomirov / Angus-Hughes Gallery, London (2017); Battersea Art Station, Battersea Arts Centre, London (2015); ‘Artists Film’ British Film Institute, London and Singapore Art Fair (2014); 'Screen City', Rogaland Kunstsenter, Stavanger, Norway and 'Nord Art', Kunstwerk Carlshutte, Germany (2013); 'Feeling the Pressure', Rhyl Museum, Wales and 'KISS THE FUTURE', Schwartz.

Supported by the 2020 Culture Fund.


Drums & Base is a dynamic video with drummers and percussionists from different cultural backgrounds within Brent. The piece shows the beautiful things that happen when different cultures come together in a way that enriches us and elevate us to a higher state of mind. Drums and Base is directed by the renowned conductor Levon Parikian (Brent Symphony Orchestra, City of Oxford Orchestra).

Culture Move aims to recognise the distinct cultural output of Brent and its surrounding area, connecting with the shared creativity of multiple generations within the artistic space of the museum.

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Join artist Jaykoe for a FREE online workshop on Sat 31 Oct, where you will create a piece of artwork to add to the Brent Biennial exhibition Culture Move (Sampled History).

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