Featured artist: Pio Abad

The Peer-to-Peer programme has been developed in conversation with artists across the borough. It seeks to address a challenging context experienced by many artists as a result of scarce financial support; little opportunity for peer support and difficulty gaining visibility across the borough. These barriers mean that artists in Brent are often forced to either stop practising or leave to pursue opportunities. Peer-to-Peer (P2P) alongside other biennial commissioning strands, seeks to support artists to sustain and grow their practice from within the borough.

The programme provides 10 Brent based or connected artists with a £2,500 non-restricted bursary; the space in Brent to learn, collaborate and find support from peers; and the opportunity to expand their network and gain visibility as a Metroland Cohort artist in perpetuity, we look to offer an infrastructure of tailored, meaningful support for artists, the results of which we hope will last beyond the programme itself. Running alongside the Brent Biennial 2022, the cohort will also have the opportunity for close engagement with other artists, curators, writers and arts professionals throughout the programme.

By supporting artists to become part of the wider creative ecology of Metroland Cultures and the borough of Brent, we hope that networks of support will grow through and beyond our work as an organisation.

Peer-to-Peer to open to artists of any age with a connection to Brent via open call to apply to this year’s programme, which comprises ten cohort learning sessions, a £2,500 non-restricted bursary, and mentoring.

The 2022 Metroland Cohort artists are: Ocean Baulcombe-Toppin, Bill Daggs, Heiba Lamara, Yasmin Nicholas, James Jordan Johnson, Nilik Khimani, Bediah, Arsalan Isa, Dita Hashi.

With thanks to the Brent Biennial 2022 Curatorial Committee who have supported Metroland Cultures to select the artists for this years’ programme.